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Investment Fund Conference, London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Square, 24 March 2016 more ...

NPP or third-country passport?
With the welcome news in July 2015 that ESMA recommended that third country passporting under AIFMD be extended to Guernsey AIFMs and EU AIFMs of Guernsey funds, the island’s access to the European markets looks set to be enhanced further.

Given that both NPP and third country passporting look set to be available in relation to Guernsey AIFs and AIFMs for a period of at least three years after the activation of Guernsey passporting, which regime will be the preferred option for fund managers operating in the EU?

An expert panel discussion debating the benefits and suitability of each approach and provide updates on other topical matters held on Wednesday 3rd Feb 2016 at the British Museum more ...

ILS Insight is a free thought leadership event hosted by Guernsey, which brings together experts from across the ILS space for dialogue and debate surrounding the top industry issues of 2014/15.


A matter of substance - an objective look at a subjective issue (pdf)
The introduction of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) has led to more focus and discussion on the subject of substance. Of course, the matter of substance was important before AIFMD came into being owing to its importance to investment managers and, by implication, to investors from a tax perspective. While there are one or two definitions of substance, which differ depending on whether the definition relates to AIFMD or tax requirements, there remains a very sizeable subjective element to the definition.

Guernsey Press (11th Feb 2016) - London Delegates updated on AIFD Passport (pdf)
Three Hundred delegates from the London funds sector learned more about Guernsey's progress to a 'third country' passport under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive at a Guernsey Finance event in the capital.

Presentation to Investment Fund Conference, London Stock Exchange, 11 March, 2015 (pdf)
Regulatory Aspects Impacting Investment Funds: A Non-European Perspective

Investing Up A Storm (pdf)
Robin Fuller, Director of Dexion Capital (Guernsey), explains how insurance-linked strategies offer both diversification from more traditional asset classes and potential for stable returns.

Out of the Shadows (pdf)
Robin Fuller, chairman of the marketing committee of the Guernsey Investment Fund Association, looks at new opportunities for the Guernsey funds sector and highlights fintech as one likely to be significant