Guernsey Funds Consultancy (the ‘Company’) offers consulting services primarily to Guernsey domiciled collective investment schemes, their managers, administrators and investment advisers. Advice may be sought in relation to individual fund launches, reorganisation projects or on an ongoing basis.

The Company employs Robin Fuller (‘the Consultant’) to provide his services as a director and as a consultant. Robin has extensive experience as an executive director of both fund management and fund administration companies and as non-executive director of collective investment schemes, fund managers (principal managers) and fund administrators.


Management Companies
The Consultant has extensive experience of managing Guernsey domiciled investment management and fund management companies. These may be Principal Managers or self-managed investment company boards such as London Stock Exchange listed fund companies. The Consultant also has experience of UCITS having migrated a Guernsey ‘A’ scheme to Malta as a continuing company for its authorisation as a Malta domiciled UCITS.

The Company advises on Manager set up and control and, where relevant ‘substance’ requirements for either opting into Guernsey’s AIFMD regime or remaining outside it.

Alternative Investment Managers Directive (‘AIFMD’)
In 2012 the Guernsey Financial Services Commission together with the States of Guernsey’s Commerce and Employment department set up a working group to determine Guernsey’s response to the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (the ‘AIFMD’). The Consultant served as a member of this working group, the output of which was Guernsey’s acclaimed ‘dual regime’ enabling managers to either opt in or out of the AIFMD for their Guernsey domiciled funds and management companies. The Company will advise on structuring, compliance with the Guernsey AIFMD regime and on issues such as substance for Guernsey domiciled businesses. The Consultant has presented on the subject in London, Guernsey and Scandinavia.

The Company will assist with the drawing up of Terms of Reference for Investment Committees, where required, the management of those committees on an ongoing basis and their reporting to the fund board.

Alternative Investments
Guernsey, as a fund domicile has an excellent reputation for hosting the alternative investment funds industry; their collective investment schemes and managers. The Company will advise managers of alternative assets on options relating to fund structures, regulatory categories, service providers and related issues.

The Consultant sits as a member of an Insurance Linked Strategies (‘ILS’) working group chaired by Guernsey Finance. He has presented on ILS investing in Guernsey and Zurich.

Consulting Services
The Company offers its services for consultation and project management on matters relating to Guernsey domiciled funds, collective investment schemes and their management companies, including where there are cross-jurisdictional matters with other domiciles, in particular Malta. The Company will also provide advice on structuring for AIFMD purposes, including substance for management companies looking to resolve ‘letter box’ issues and manage investment committees. Structuring is equally important to management companies determining to be ‘out of scope’ of the AIFMD.

The Consultant has set up and managed Guernsey ‘A’ schemes, ‘B’ schemes and Qualified Investor Schemes in Guernsey as well as Professional Investor Funds and UCITS in Malta. He successfully migrated a Guernsey ‘A’ Scheme to Malta as a continuing company and where it was subsequently authorised as a UCITS Scheme.

The Consultant is a non-executive Director of a number of funds, fund management and fund administration companies. A list of Directorships is available on request to promoters considering Robin Fuller for appointment as a Director.

Robin’s Directorships currently include companies domiciled in Guernsey, the United Kingdom, the British Virgin Islands, China, Holland and Malta. Past Directorships include Directorships of companies domiciled in Jersey, Cayman, Israel, Switzerland and the Isle of Man. He also has experience as a Director of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (main market), the CISE, Dublin and Luxembourg exchanges.